Dicing production including R and D

Wafer Dicing, Grinding and Polishing

Dicing services for prototype, low to medium as well as high volume production dicing requirements in both, East and West coast facilities.

Custom dicing without size limitations either for starting material or final die size.

Cutting services include wave guide faceting, angling, dicing through layered assemblies, slotting, wafering, singulating, machining grooves, Sapphire, glass and SOI waveguide structure processing to final dimensions.

Depending on material hardness and thickness, the dicing kerf may be as narrow as 0.001 in. (25 microns) and die size as small as 0.005 in. (125 microns) square.

Other services include wafer polishing, wafer backgrinding, waveguide, facet polishing, fiber optic polishing and process development in dicing, lapping, polishing including SOI waveguide structures.

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