Synthetic Sapphire Polishing & Lapping Services

Synthetic Monocrystalline Sapphire Wafers

Single crystal sapphire is transparent variety of mineral corundum (aluminum oxide Al2O3). Colors are caused by small amounts of impurities in the crystal. Available from stock are synthetic monocrystalline polished sapphire wafers, sapphire windows, sapphire substrates, ultra-thin sapphire wafers and optical grade sapphire.

Synthetic sapphire has been produced commercially since 1902. There are near a dozen claimed unique-modified crystal growth methods used to produce sapphire. The partial listing includes:

  • Czochralski
  • EFG
  • Kyropolos also Kyropulos and Kyropoulos
  • VGF (Vertical Gradient Freezing)
  • HEM
  • Horizontal Directed Crystallization Method

Sapphire has been referred to as:

  • Single crystal Al2O3
  • Transparent corundum
  • Alpha alumina
  • Single crystal aluminum oxide

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