R-plane sapphire for SOS silicon-on-sapphire

Polished R-plane Sapphire Wafers for SOS

Valley Design offers thinning and polishing services on customer supplied SOS wafers.

R-plane Sapphire (1-102), 57.6 degrees to C-plane, is the preferred material for Silicon-on-Sapphire used in semiconductor, microwave and pressure transducer applications. Typical applications for Silicon on Sapphire wafers include:

  • Fabrication of active topside Silicon-based devices
  • Fabrication of topside laser devices
  • Backside polishing of the SOS wafer to fabricate an optical device on the Silicon side
  • Etching off the Silicon side to utilize the Sapphire as a SEMI standard wafer, or wafer carrier

Valley provides backthinning services to thin SOS wafers to as thin as 125um thick. Typical diameter sizes of these wafers are 2", 3", 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and as large as 200mm can be processed. We are also looking to purchase reclaim SOS wafers and bare polished sapphire wafers.

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